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801 E Men's Shelter
Location: 2700 MLKing Jr Ave SE, Washington, DC
About 801 E Men's Shelter:
801 East is located on the campus of St. Elizabeth's hospital. The facility features two programs: a low-barrier, 12-hour emergency shelter and a 24-hour, transitional program for men ready to take the next step past substance abuse and toward independent living.
Open to all men over the age of 18, we offer a hot meal, bed and access to a case manager. The Emergency Shelter is open from 7 pm to 7 am daily. Shuttle service to downtown Washington, DC is provided several times per day to assist clients in getting to and from work, day programs and other resources.
The shelter also serves as a hypothermia emergency shelter during the coldest months of the year, from November to March.
This is a 24-hour intensive residential rehabilitation program for clients who want to address issues related to homelessness, which include, but are not limited to, substance use/abuse, mental health issues, medical issues, and family relationships.
The program lasts for six months, and begins with a 30-day blackout period.
We offer weekly case management to prevent relapse and work toward securing employment and permanent housing. The program is open to men over the age of 18.
For more information: 801 E Men's Shelter 

Shepherd's Cove
Location: 1400 Doewood Lane Capital Heights, MD 20743
About Shepherd's Cove:
At full capacity the shelter serves 100 women and children daily. Shepherd’s Cove is operated 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year by caring professionals.
When clients are admitted in the program they are assigned to a case manager who works with the individual or family to complete an assessment, which helps the case manager to determine the needs of the individual/family and develop an
Individualized Service Plan (ISP).
Although Shepherd’s Cove primary goal is to provide a clean and safe environment for the clients, referrals for supportive services such as health care, mental health care, substance abuse services, employment services and educational services, and housing services are provided to address the reasons for homelessness.
Researchers have found that unemployment, low wages, and limited education have been the strongest contributing factors to homelessness in America; although poor mental health and substance abuse are also factors that make it difficult for the homeless to overcome their situation.
For more information: Shepherd's Cove
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