Each One Feed One, Inc. - "Feeding One Person at a Time"
 Help Us Provide a Meal
By Giving a Donation Today
Averaging about $2.00 per person
 $100.00 will provide meals for 50 people

 $50 will provide meals for 25 people

All financial donations welcome
On an average we spend approximately $8 on lunch a day
On an average coffee drinkers spend $2 on a cup of coffee a day that's $10 a day

Consider donating your lunch and a cup of coffee ($10) once a month; to help fight hunger in the homeless community and  provide food for families in need through our food pantry

Donations tax deductible according to IRS
There are several ways to donate:

Money Order or Check payable to
Each One Feed One, Inc.
Post Office Box 1294
Temple Hills, MD 20757
Pay Pal Donations
Contact by phone
Contact by email

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