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Greetings Family...you are doing such a wonderful work and I would love to become more involved with your efforts.  Please let me know how I can be of service. 
Shurl Harris, Philadelphia, PA

Roger and Amy, You are welcome very much. I could not enjoy it anymore than I do. 
I feel such rewarding and warm spirits there.
May God continue to bless you all E.O.F.O.
Love Much Pat
You are certainly welcome. My heart, mind and soul is with your foundation every time you are out with the unfortunate.
I can not help to serve at this time but I just wanted to let you know you are still in my thoughts.
Peace and Love Always
Ms. Cynthia
Amy & Roger, you are welcome. You can count on me to continue my donations.
With Love "Steve"
Happy to volunteer and help in any way! I'm here to support YOU!
-- Marsha
Another SUCCESSFUL NIGHT! Thanks Amy and Roger!
-- Melaine
I felt very privileged to help out. It is something that I have always wanted to do but never got the courage. But its no stopping me now! You have a very well organized and wonderful organization. May GOD continue to bless YOU and everything that you do.
Thanks Amy & Roger
Love you Pat
"Allow me the opportunity to thank your organization for the dinner served at 801 East low-barrier, 12-hour emergency shelter, DC on the 27th of October 2012. We the clients are truly grateful for the courteous, professional, and polite manner exhibited by Each One Feed One, Inc... Each One feed One is a shiny example of how services should be rendered to the under privileged. The food was fresh and well prepared, making for a tasty nutritious meal. It shows when a meal is prepared with care, and thoughtfulness. Thank you!! Wish your organization members/volunteers much future success."
 Congratulations E.O.F.O., Inc.!
I remember the journey starting with only 8 lunches or so and you have now grown to feed many. Keep up the wonderful works. Remember, God puts special people in special places to do special assignments, continue making Him proud! And your legacies continue……..
 Love you, Sparkle
Congratulations on your new website!!!
Good luck with your organization:)REG
I am so glad to see that people are caring about "Each One Feed One, Inc". This is a very good and needed organization. Good luck to you. Your work is not in vein.Leonard
Miss Amy, Your service to humanity touches our Ancestors like their memories touch our souls ... You have them singing, dancing and prancing like proud peacocks, 'cause they know their unfinished business is in good hands, orchestrated by your fertile mind ...
Thanks for putting yet another smile on this Evolutionary Elders heart!
In undying Culture Love Your CBF
Wetzel E. Witten
What a wonderful service you are performing. In these bad economics times, it is greatly needed. God Bless.
Leon B.
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